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Growing and tending living plants and trees is our business, and our team of skilled garden technicians dedicate their time and care to bringing you the healthiest selection of high-quality plant life.

Here are a few of the things we have to offer.

Healthy and beautiful annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs, grasses, and trees, including vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries.

Seeds, bulbs, and vegetable sets to start your garden from scratch.

A variety of soils, amendments, and mulches - in bags or in bulk. Bags range in size from 8 quarts to 3 cubic feet. Bulk soils and mulches are sold by the cubic yard (about 27 cubic feet), and can be purchased in half-yard increments.

Fertilizers, foods, and supplements for your plants' nutritional needs.

Finishing touches for your home and landscape, including houseplants, chimes, decorative rain chains, planters, pots, and more.

Lawn and garden tools, gloves, and equipment and supplies for watering and irrigation.

Support and protection for your plants and trees, such as stakes, posts, netting, weed barrier, shade cloth, and row cover.

Products to prevent, stop, or repair damage done to your plants by animals, pests, weeds, and diseases.

Delivery: For large orders such as bulk soils, you may find it safer, more convenient, and cost-effective to have us deliver your purchase to you. We charge $5 per loaded mile (one-way) for each trip.







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