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Pansy/Viola Petunia Calibrachoa
Snapdragon Marigold Geranium

Inventory moves very quickly in and out this time of year. The best way to find out what we have in stock is to visit our greenhouses. To get you started, here is a list of annuals we commonly carry.

Annuals Pricing Chart
6-pack $3.95
4" $3.75
Quart $4.95
Quart Geranium $6.95
1 gallon or 5x5 $7.95
1 gallon Geranium $9.95

Description Click to Enlarge
Colossus Purple Blotch
Delta Blaze Mix
Delta Premium Cool Water Mix
Delta Pure Primrose
Delta Pure Red
Frizzle Sizzle Mix
Johnny Jump-up
Sorbet Blackberry Sundae Mix
Sorbet Blue Blotch
Sorbet Deep Orange
Sorbet Jump-up Yellow
Sorbet Midnight Glow
Sorbet Raspberry Sundae Mix

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Amore Queen of Hearts

Blueberry Muffin
Cascadius Indian Summer
Constellation Virgo
Crazytunia Berry Frappe
Crazytunia Black Mamba
Crazytunia Frisky Purple
Crazytunia Knight Rider
Crazytunia Pinkadelic
Crazytunia Razzmatazz
Headliner Night Sky
Headliner Starry Sky
Lavender Shimmer
Origami Pink Star
Patio Radiant Rose
Petchoa Supercal Cinnamon
Sanguna Sweet Pink
Supercal Sunray Pink
Surprise Blue
Surprise Yellow

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Description Click to Enlarge
Aloha Fire
Aloha Kona Hot Pink
Aloha Kona Mango
Aloha Kona Tiki Soft Pink

Aloha Purple

Aloha Red
Aloha Royal White
Calitastic Indigo
Chameleon Blueberry Scone
Chameleon Sunshine Berry

Kona Midnight Purple

Noa Ultra Purple
Violet Star
Volcano Neon
Volcano Pink

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Buttery Dragon
Peachy Dragon
Rosey Dragon
Snapshot Orange
Snapshot Pink
Snapshot White
Sonnet Pink
Sonnet Rose
Speedy Sonnet Bronze

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Durango Orange
Durango Red
Durango Yellow

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Americana Dark Salmon
Americana Salmon
Americana White
Patriot Bright Red
Patriot Orange
Rocky Mountain Red
Rocky Mountain Violet
Wilhelm Langguth

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