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Inventory moves very quickly in and out during the growing season. Below are lists of herbs we commonly carry.

By this time of year, herb plant inventory is typically low. Items listed in bold were still in stock as of July 8, 2020.


Type Variety
Basil Genovese
Basil Italian Large Leaf
Borage Borage
Catnip Catnip
Chives Chives
Chives Garlic
Cilantro Cilantro
Curry Tall
Dill Bouquet
Fennel Bronze Sweet
Herbs Mixed
Lavender English
Lavender Sweet Romance
Marjoram Marjoram
Marjoram Sweet
Mint Chocolate
Mint Peppermint
Oregano Greek
Oregano Mexican
Oregano Oregano
Parsley Curled
Parsley Extra Triple Curled
Parsley Flatleaf
Rosemary Rosemary
Sage Pineapple
Savory Summer
Shiso Shiso
Sorrel French
Spearmint Kentucky Colonel
Spearmint Spearmint
Sweet Woodruff Sweet Woodruff
Tarragon French
Thyme English
Thyme Lemon
Thyme Orange
Thyme Spicy Orange
Thyme Thyme
Verbena Lemon

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Prices range from $1.59 to $4.99 per packet.

Many of our herb seeds are available in organic and non-GMO.

Items listed in bold were still in stock as of July 8, 2020.

Type Variety
Basil Culinary Blend
Basil Fino Verde
Basil Genovese
Basil Holy Tulsi
Basil Lemon Mrs. Burns
Basil Sweet Italian
Basil Thai Siam Queen
Borage Borage
Cat Grass Cat Grass
Catnip Wild
Chamomile Apple Scented
Chamomile German
Chives Common
Chives Garlic
Cilantro/Coriander Cilantro/Coriander
Dill Bouquet
Dill Fernleaf
Dill Mammoth
Fennel Florence
Fennel Perfection
Lavender True
Lemon Balm Lemon Balm
Mint Mint
Oregano Common
Oregano Greek
Oregano True Greek
Parsley Italian Flat Leaf
Parsley Moss Curled
Rosemary French
Sage Broadleaf
Savory Summer
Shiso Green & Red
Stevia Candy
Tarragon Mexican
Thyme Winter
Wheatgrass Wheatgrass

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