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Below are lists of perennials we commonly carry. Wherever you see (LOOK) in the Variety column, you can click for a photo. Where you don't, we recommend doing an internet search of these varieties by name to see what they look like.

Plant Variety
Agastache Double Bubble Hyssop (LOOK)
Agastache Seeded Hyssop
Allium Millennium (LOOK)
Anemone Pulsatilla Pasqueflower
Antennaria Parvefolia Antennaria Parvefolia
Anthemis Margarite Daisy
Asiatic Lily Brunello
Asiatic Lily Harvest Blend (LOOK)
Asiatic Lily Looks Tiny Double You
Asiatic Lily Sundew
Aster Alma Potschke
Aster Purple Dome
Avens Geum Double Bloody Mary (LOOK)
Avens Geum Petticoats Peach
Bellflower Dalmatian (LOOK)
Campanula Champion Pink Bellflower (LOOK)
Campanula Cherry Bells
Campanula Glomerata
Catmint Walker's Low
Centranthus Jupiter's Beard
Cerastium Snow-In-Summer (LOOK)
Chrysantheme Cranbury Red Garden Mum
Columbine Double Pleat Blackberry
Columbine Songbird Cardinal (LOOK)
Coreopsis Golden Globe Tickseed (LOOK)
Coreopsis Moonbeam Threadleaf
Creeping Thyme Elfin
Daylily Bela Lugosi
Daylily Desert Flame
Daylily Handwriting on the Wall
Daylily Inkheart
Daylily Marque Moon
Daylily Raspberry Eclipse
Daylily Stephanie Returns
Delosperma Assorted Ice Plant (LOOK)
Delosperma Bicolor Ice Plant
Delosperma Cooperii (LOOK)
Delosperma Red Ice Plant (LOOK)
Delosperma Yellow Ice Plant (LOOK)
Delphinium Bee Magic Fountains Mid Blue/White (LOOK)
Delphinium Blue Mirror (LOOK)
Delphinium Dark Blue/Dark Bee Magic Fountains
Delphinium Hybrid Bee Pink Punch
Delphinium Round Table Mix Pacific Giant (LOOK)
Desert Four O'Clock Desert Four O'Clock (LOOK)
Dianthus Paint the Town Magenta (LOOK)
Dianthus Tiny Rubies (LOOK)
Diascia Salmon
Dicentra Gold Heart (LOOK)
Dicentra Spectabilis Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart
Echinacea Butterfly Yellow Rainbow Coneflower (LOOK)
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
Echinacea Double Scoop Cranberry Coneflower (LOOK)
Echinacea Native Purple Coneflower
Echinacea Hybrid Delicious Candy (LOOK)
Echinops Globe Thistle (LOOK)
Echium Russicum Red Feathers (LOOK)
Euphorbia x martinii Ascot Rainbow
Evening Primrose Glowing Magenta
Plant Variety
Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower (LOOK)
Gaillardia Arizona Sun Blanket Flower (LOOK)
Gaillardia Mesa Bright Bicolor Blanket Flower
Garden Phlox Blue Boy
Garden Phlox David
Garden Phlox Flame White w/Red Eye (LOOK)
Garden Phlox Ka-Pow Pink
Gaura Rosyjane
Gaura Siskiyou Pink
Gaura Sparkle White (LOOK)
Geranium Johnson's Blue
Geranium Rozanne (LOOK)
Geum Lady Stratheden (LOOK)
Grass Big Twister Corkscrew Rush
Grass Blue Lyme
Grass Hakonechloa Japanese Forest
Grass Karl Foerster
Grass Northern Sea Oats
Grass Zebra Grass
Heartleaf Bergenia Winterglow
Heartleaf Brunnera Jack Frost
Heartleaf Brunnera Variegata
Helianthemum Sum Rose
Heliopsis Summer Nights
Hemerocallis Rainbow Rhythm Primal Scream
Hemerocallis Ruby Spider
Hens & Chicks Assorted
Hens & Chicks Collectible Chocolate Kiss
Hens & Chicks Collectible Cinnamon Starburst
Hens & Chicks Collectible Cranberry Cocktail
Hens & Chicks Collectible Gold Nugget
Hens & Chicks Collectible Mint Marvel
Hens & Chicks Collectible Sugar Shimmer
Hesperis Sweet Rocket (LOOK)
Heuchera Berry Smoothie Coral Bells (LOOK)
Heuchera Dolce Cherry Truffles (LOOK)
Heuchera Fire Alarm Coral Bells
Heuchera Forever Purple Coral Bells (LOOK)
Heuchera Georgia Peach Coral Bells
Heuchera Primo Wild Rose (LOOK)
Heuchera Villosa Citronelle (LOOK)
Hibiscus Summerific Berry Awesome (LOOK)
Hollyhock Black
Hollyhock Cerise Halo
Hollyhock Lavender Halo
Hollyhock Mix (LOOK)
Hollyhock Spotlight Blacknight
Hollyhock Spotlight Mars Magic
Hosta Autumn Frost
Hosta Blueberry Muffin
Hosta Brother Stefan
Hosta Hans
Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print
Hybrid Lily Conca d'Or
Hyssopus Officionalis True Hyssop
Plant Variety
Iberis Candytuft
Iberis Tahoe Candytuft
Iris His Royal Highness
Knautia Red Knight
Knifophia Jackpot Red Hot Poker
Knifophia Joker's Wild Red Hot Poker
Knifophia Red Hot Poker (LOOK)
Lathyrus Pearl Mix Sweet Pea
Lavender English (LOOK)
Lewisia Elise Mix
Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley
Linum Native Blue Flax (LOOK)
Lupine Morello Cherry (LOOK)
Lupine Tutti Frutti
Marjoram Golden (LOOK)
Monarda Blue Stocking Bee Balm
Monarda Color Mix
Monardella Scarlet Flowers
Mountain Basket of Gold Mountain Basket of Gold
Mountain Daisy Orange (LOOK)
Native Erigeron Native Erigeron
Obedient Plant Rose
Oenithera Missouri Evening Primrose
Oriental Lily Tarrango
Oriental Poppy Turkenlouis
Origanum Kent Beauty Ornamental Oregano
Penstemon Fir-leafed (LOOK)
Penstemon Magenta Hybrid (LOOK)
Penstemon Mexicali Purple (LOOK)
Penstemon Pincushion
Penstemon Red Pineleaf (LOOK)
Penstemon Scarlet Bugler (LOOK)
Penstemon White Sport (LOOK)
Peony Karl Rosenfield
Peony Sarah Bernhardt
Phlox Creeping (LOOK)
Platycodon Double Blue Balloon Flower
Plumbago Plumbago
Potentilla Cinquefoil Nana
Prairie Coneflower Red
Primrose New Mexico
Pyrethrum Painted Daisy Robinson's Red
Rudbeckia Black-eyed Susan
Russian Sage Russian Sage
Plant Variety
Salvia Midnight Model
Salvia Mojave Sage (LOOK)
Salvia Nemorosa (LOOK)
Salvia Tall Pink
Salvia Violet Profusion
Sambucus Golden Elderberry
Saponaria Max Rei
Scrophularia Red Birds in a Tree (LOOK)
Sedum Angelina
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sedum Dragon's Blood
Sedum Green Mound
Sedum Tall Assorted Stonecrop (LOOK)
Sedum Vera Jameson
Speedwell Aztec Gold
Speedwell Waterperry Blue
Speedwell Veronica Blue Bomb
Speedwell Veronica First Memory (LOOK)
Speedwell Veronica Perfectly Picasso (LOOK)
Speedwell Veronica Royal Candles (LOOK)
Speedwell Veronica Royal Rembrandt (LOOK)
Stachys Officionalis Stachys Officionalis
Sunflower Maximillian
Sweet William Deep Pink
Tansy Partridge Feather (LOOK)
Thyme Creeping (LOOK)
Thyme Woolly
Verbascum Mullein Shades of Summer (LOOK)
Veronica Turkish
Veronica Wooly
Wallflower Orange Bedder
Wormwood Artemisia Silver Mound
Yarrow Coronation Gold
Yarrow Deep Pink
Yarrow Golden
Yarrow Moonshine
Yarrow Red
Yarrow Serbia
Yarrow White
Yarrow Wine Red
Yucca Excalibur Adams Needle
Zauschneria Hummingbird Carpet

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Seeds have been selling fast, so the best way to see what's still in stock is to stop by in person.

Type Variety
Butterfly Flower Common Milkweed
Butterfly Flower Orange Milkweed
Campanula Canterbury Bells Storybook Blend
Carnation Chabaud Blend
Castor Bean Carmencita Red Leaf
Castor Bean Impala
Chocolate Flower Berlandiera lyrata
Clary Sage Clary Sage
Columbine McKana's Giant mix
Columbine Rocky Mountain Blue
Craspedia Drumstick Flower
Daisy Shasta Alaska
Daisy Shasta Silver Princess
Delphinium Butterfly mix
Echinacea Purple Coneflower
Echinacea White Swan
Evening Primrose Mexican (Pink)
Evening Primrose Yellow
Flax Blue
Flax Blue and Breezy
Flax Linum Scarlet
Forget-Me-Not Blue
Forget-Me-Not Spring & Summer
Gaillardia Blanket Flower
Gaillardia Goblin
Hollyhock Apricot
Hollyhock Indian Spring mix
Hollyhock Summer Carnival Pink
Hollyhock Summer Carnival Rose
Hollyhock The Watchman
Honeywort Purple Tear
Lavender Munstead
Lavender English Tall/Vera
Lupine Russell mix
Maltese Cross Maltese Cross
Poppy, California Mikado
Poppy, California Mission Bells mix
Poppy, California Orange
Poppy, Oriental Orange
Rudbeckia Black-Eyed Susan Goldsturm
Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Sea Holly Steel Blue
Sweet William Single mix
Thyme, Creeping Creeping Thyme
Viola Bambini mix
Viola Johnny Jump-Up
Wildflowers Perennial mix

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