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Shrubs & Vines

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Below are some lists of shrubs and vines we commonly carry. Wherever you see (LOOK) in the Description column, you can click for a photo. Where you don't, we recommend doing an internet search of these varieties by name to see what they look like.

Plant Description
Amalanchier Obelisk Serviceberry
Amalanchier Shadblow Serviceberry
Artemisia Tridentata Native Sage
Barberry Admiration
Barberry Concorde
Barberry Crimson Pygmy
Barberry Orange Rocket
Blue Spruce Dwarf Globe
Buddleia Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Buzz Midnight Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Buzz Sky Blue Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Monarch Prince Charming Dwarf
Buddleia Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Petite Purple Butterfly Bush
Buffaloberry Silver
Burning Bush Compact
Bush Honeysuckle Kodiac Orange
Bush Honeysuckle Kodiac Red
Caragana Pygmy
Caragana Weeping
Caryopteris Blue Mist Bluebeard
Caryopteris Variegated
Chokeberry Low Scape Mound
Clematis Ernest Markham
Clematis Julia (LOOK)
Clematis Rouge Cardinal (LOOK)
Clematis Sweet Autumn
Coral Berry Amethyst
Coral Berry Proudberry
Cotoneaster Lucidus
Cotoneaster Peking
Cyni Broom Cyni Broom
Daphne Carol Mackie
Elderberry American (LOOK)
Elderberry Black Lace (LOOK)
Elderberry Golden
Euonymous Emerald Gaiety
False Spirea Sem
Fernbush Fernbush
Honeysuckle Arnold's Red
Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlet (LOOK)
Honeysuckle Hall's
Honeysuckle Mandarin
Honeysuckle Pink Shrub
Hops Common

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Plant Description
Juniper Buffalo
Juniper Calgary Carpet
Juniper Gold Coast
Juniper Prince of Wales
Juniper Savin
Lilac Charles Joly
Lilac Common Purple
Lilac Donald Wyman Prestonian
Lilac Miss Kim
Lilac President Grevy French
Lilac Royalty Preston
Lilac Sensation (LOOK)
Mahogany Mountain
Mockorange Starbright
Mojave Sage Mojave Sage
Mountain Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Red
Ninebark Diabolo
Ninebark Ginger Wine
Norway Spruce Little Gem
Panicle Hydrangea Limelight
Panicle Hydrangea Pinky Winky
Peashrub Peashrub
Peashrub Siberian
Potentilla Gold Drop
Potentilla Uman
Privet Cheyenne European
Privet New Mexico
Prunus Glandulosa Rosea Pink Flowering Almond
Pyracantha Gnome Firethorn
Red Twig Dogwood Arctic Fire
Rhododendron Mandarin Lights
Rose Austrian Copper
Rose Hansa
Rose Kimberley Woods
Sea Buckthorn Male
Sea Buckthorn Russian Orange
Silver Lace Vine Silver Lace Vine
Snowberry Common
Spirea Double Play Artisan
Spirea Double Play Big Bang
Spirea Goldflame
Spirea Shirobana
Sumac Smooth
Vibernum Mohican Wayfaring Tree
Vibernum Snowball
Weigela Wine & Roses
Winterberry Holly Berry Heavy Gold
Winterberry Holly Mr. Poppins

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