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Vegetable Seeds
Prices range from $1.59 to $4.99 per packet.

Many of our vegetable seeds are available in organic and non-GMO.

By this time of year, our seed inventory is typically low. Below are lists of vegetable seeds we commonly carry.

A - B C D - L
M - P Q - S T - Z

Items listed in bold were still in stock as of July 8, 2020.

Seeds A - B

Type Variety
Arugula Rocket Salad
Arugula Wild
Bean, Blackeye Cowpea California #5 Blackeye
Bean, Bush Provider
Bean, Bush Blue Lake
Bean, Bush Contender
Bean, Bush Fava Broad Windsor
Bean, Bush French Garden
Bean, Bush Gold Rush
Bean, Bush Landreth Stringless
Bean, Bush Pencil Pod Yellow Wax
Bean, Bush Roma II Italian Flat Pod
Bean, Bush Royal Burgundy
Bean, Bush Tendergreen Improved
Bean, Lima Henderson's Baby
Bean, Pole Blue Lake FM-1K
Bean, Pole Kentucky Blue
Bean, Pole Kentucky Wonder
Bean, Pole Scarlet Emperor
Bean, Pole Seychelles
Bean, Pole Yard Long
Beet Detroit Dark Red
Beet Golden
Beet Gourmet Blend
Bok Choi Rosette
Broccoli Belstar
Broccoli Calabrese
Broccoli Raab Rapini
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved

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Seeds C

Type Variety
Cabbage Early Flat Dutch
Cabbage Red Acre
Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo
Cantaloupe Hearts of Gold
Cantaloupe Minnesota Midget
Carrot Carnival Blend
Carrot Danvers
Carrot Danvers 126
Carrot Little Finger
Carrot Nander F1
Carrot Rainbow Blend
Carrot Royal Chantenay
Carrot Scarlet Nantes
Carrot Shin Kuroda
Carrot Tendersweet
Celery Utah
Cauliflower Early Snowball
Cauliflower Snowball Y
Collards Georgia Southern
Corn Bloody Butcher
Corn, Sweet Buttergold
Corn, Sweet Early Sunglow
Corn, Sweet Golden Jubilee
Corn, Sweet Martian Jewels
Corn, Sweet Painted Hill
Corn, Sweet Precious Gem Hybrid
Corn, Sweet Silver Queen Hybrid
Cucumber Arkansas Little Leaf
Cucumber Armenian
Cucumber Garden Sweet
Cucumber Homemade Pickles
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Marketmore
Cucumber Muncher
Cucumber Pickling
Cucumber Straight Eight
Cucumber Tasty Green
Cucumber Tendergreen Burpless

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Seeds D - L

Type Variety
Edamame China Green
Eggplant Black Beauty
Eggplant Finger Fruit Purple
Eggplant Long Purple
Kale Blue Curled Vates
Kale Chinese
Kale Dwarf Blue Curled
Kale Nero Toscana
Kale Lacinato
Kale Premiere Blend
Kale Red Russian
Leek American Flag
Leek King Richard
Lettuce, Mesclun Gourmet Baby Greens
Lettuce, Mesclun Gourmet Spicy Mix
Lettuce, Mesclun Zesty Salad
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons
Lettuce New Red Fire
Lettuce Oak Leaf Blend
Lettuce Romaine Parris Island
Lettuce Salad Blend
Lettuce Salad Bowl
Lettuce Salad Bowl Green
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red
Lettuce Spicy Salad Mixture

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Seeds M - P

Type Variety
Melon Carentais
Melon Mouse
Melon Papaya Dew
Mizuna Japanese Mustard
Mustard Greens Tendergreen
Okra Clemson Spineless
Onion Evergreen Bunching
Onion Gabriella
Onion Walla Walla
Onion White Lisbon
Onion White Sweet Spanish
Pak Choi Pak Choi
Parsnip Hollow Crown
Pea Frosty
Pea Patio Pride
Pea Progress No. 9
Pea, Snap Sugar Daddy
Pea, Snap Sugar Magnolia
Pea, Snap Sugar Snap
Pea, Snap Super Sugar Snap
Pea, Snow Snow
Pea, Snow Oregon Sugar Pod II
Pepper Anaheim (Hot)
Pepper California Wonder (Bell)
Pepper Big Jim (Hot)
Pepper Habañero Red (Hot)
Pepper Early Jalapeño
Pepper Jalapeño
Pepper Red Mini-bell
Pepper Pasillo Bajio
Pepper Poblano (Hot)
Pepper Sandia (Hot)
Pepper Serrano (Hot)
Pepper Shishito
Pumpkin Big Max
Pumpkin Connecticut Field
Pumpkin Howden
Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern
Pumpkin Little October
Pumpkin Lumina (White)
Pumpkin New England Sugar Pie
Pumpkin Sugar Pie
Pumpkin Red Warty Thing

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Seeds Q - S

Type Variety
Radish Champion
Radish Cherry Belle
Radish Early Scarlet Globe
Radish Easter Egg Blend
Radish French Breakfast
Radish Rainbow Blend
Radish Rudolf
Radish Watermelon
Spinach Avon Hybrid
Spinach Bloomsdale
Spinach Lavewa
Spinach Olympia Hybrid
Sprouts Sandwich Mix
Squash, Summer Patty Pan Jaune et Verte
Squash, Summer Black Beauty
Squash, Summer Cocozelle
Squash, Summer Cube of Butter
Squash, Summer Dark Zucchini
Squash, Summer Early Prolific
Squash, Summer Early Yellow Crookneck
Squash, Summer Gold Rush
Squash, Summer Golden Scallop
Squash, Summer Melody Blend
Squash, Winter Burgess Buttercup
Squash, Winter


Squash, Winter Table Queen Acorn
Squash, Winter Vegetable Spaghetti
Squash, Winter Walthan Butternut
Swiss Chard Celebration
Swiss Chard Fordhook
Swiss Chard Rhubarb
Swiss Chard Ruby Red

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Seeds T - Z

Type Variety
Tomatillo Green
Tomatillo Pineapple
Tomato, Bush Cherry Falls
Tomato, Bush Gold Nugget
Tomato, Bush Red Cherry
Tomato, Bush Red Siberian
Tomato, Bush Roma
Tomato, Pole Amana Orange
Tomato, Pole Better Boy
Tomato, Pole Black Krim
Tomato, Pole Brandywine
Tomato, Pole Brandywine Red Yellow Blend
Tomato, Pole Cherokee Purple
Tomato, Pole Costoluto Genovese
Tomato, Pole Cuore di Blue
Tomato, Pole Green Zebra
Tomato, Pole Moskvich
Tomato, Pole Red Oxheart
Tomato, Pole San Marzano Roma
Tomato, Pole Stupice
Tomato, Pole Super Sweet 100
Tomato, Pole Sweetie
Tomato, Pole Yellow Pear
Turnip Market Express
Turnip Purple Top White Globe
Turnip Seven Top
Turnip Shogoin
Watermelon Moon & Stars (Yellow)
Watermelon Sugar Baby

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