The days and nights are warming! Chances are your garden is planted and blooming beautifully by now. You may even be adding zip to your meals with home-grown herbs and vegetables already, and your newly planted trees and shrubs are established and thriving. You're probably thinking it's getting too hot for working in the garden and you're ready to enjoy the benefits of all the work you've put into it so far. Enjoy!

That said, be ever watchful for the various hardships summer brings for plants. Below is a checklist you can't afford to ignore as the season heats up.

Water, water, water! Longer, warmer days make plants and trees thirstier. We're all looking forward to that extra boost provided by natural rainwater, but that won't relieve us of our responsibility to provide adequate moisture. Water frequently, and watch for signs of under- or over-watering.

To help your soil retain water, consider topdressing with a mulch. Stop by and browse our variety of mulches.

Don't forget to feed! Once-a-week feedings of high nitrogen fertilizer (look for the first number in the N-P-K ratio on the container) for leafy plants, greens, and herbs and high phosphate fertilizer (look for the middle number) for flowering and fruiting plants will keep your garden thriving and producing.

Keep an eye out for damage or stress. If you see a plant suffering, don't give up on it. Our experts can help you diagnose and treat a wide range of ailments, including insect or fungus infestation, critters, overexposure, and stress.

Stop by and browse our selection of products to keep your plants and soil happy and healthy all summer!